Want to know more about Dermal Fillers?

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Want to know more about Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are not used just to plump and fill the lips. It’s been very busy here at PIC since we launched our new website. We have had lots of enquiries following our adverts in, for example, the various local editions of My News. So many people said they had not realised we were here and we are really pleased that the news is starting to get round the local area.

Our Valentine’s offer on lip fillers saw many ladies coming in to have this procedure. Patients were very pleased with our subtle results. This does not mean that there is no difference, it just means that we avoid the dreaded “trout pout”. It is Dr Silva’s firm belief that it is always better to put in too little and add more, rather than overfill the lips. He follows the same principles with all his dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing injection cases. Getting to know a new patient and exactly what they want takes time. Rushing in with too much product is never in the patient’s best interest.

They are also used to smooth and soften deep lines and creases around the mouth and nose, on forehead, frown and neck lines, smokers’ lines around the mouth, crows’ feet and marionette lines. They are further used to enhance cheeks, giving higher cheek bones, or to give better definition to the chin or enhance the shape of the nose. They can even be used to plump up the skin on the back of the hands.

The “magic” is that they add volume under the skin to fill areas under a line or fold, giving a soft and youthful effect.  Plus the effects are instantaneous, so you can walk out of the clinic knowing that you are satisfied. We will usually apply a topical anaesthesia to provide additional pain relief if you feel you would benefit from this.

Occasionally there is a little short term bruising or redness but the effects, as we said, are immediate. You will walk out of the clinic knowing exactly how it will look for, usually, the next 6 – 8 months.

Do you want to see how it’s done?

We are aware that many of you are interested in having either dermal fillers and / or wrinkle relaxing injections but don’t feel you know enough about it. You are always welcome to come in for a consultation to discuss the various options available. However, we realise that what some of you really want is to see it being done so you can get an idea of exactly what happens. This allows you to understand the amount of care Dr Silva takes to get the right look for each patient.  You can to see how long it takes and get a feel for whether you may find it painful or not. In response to the interest that has been shown Dr Silva has decided it may be a good idea to run a type of work shop so you can see these procedures being performed first hand. If you think that you would like to come along for such a session then please call us on 01895630604 or email us at info@perfectimageconsultants.co.uk  to register your interest.

We hope to hear from you all very soon!

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