Introducing Injectable Skin Care Solutions for Complete and Targeted Skin Regeneration


Over the last three years we have seen the interest that this treatment generates and been delighted by both this interest and the results!! It is administered by our Obagi and all-round skin care expert, Shannon Lister, INP. She offers both Sunekos Performa and Sunekos 1200.
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Sunekos® is an injectable treatment with a significant difference. Sunekos®, like many dermal fillers on the market, contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, which also occurs naturally in the body, fills in your wrinkles and fine lines. However, in addition, Sunekos® also contains a truly special ingredient, amino acids, which maintain the skin’s strength, resilience and hydration.

The beauty of the Sunekos treatments are that they do not give an “augmented look” and there is no change to the actual structure of your face. Rather it is rejuvenation for the whole face. It gives the skin a plumped and hydrated glow with the added benefit that it kick starts cell turnover in the dermis. If you wish to augment a specific area then you can use Sunekos with your usual dermal fillers.

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In Perfect Image we are offering Sunekos 1200 and Performa

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Sunekos Performa

Sunekos  Performa can be injected into all skin types and in a number of places on the body, including the face (forehead, mid face, naso-labial lines), neck, décolleté and hands. Sunekos Performa is especially effective on the forehead and around the eyes to minimise dark circles and crepeyness.

Intradermal treatments with Sunekos Performa correct and protect your skin from the signs of ageing and is currently the only natural product in the injectables market that promotes collagen and elastin production, restoring elasticity and volume to the skin.

Sunekos 1200

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Sunekos 1200

Sunekos 1200 is a stronger treatment for those with deeper wrinkles, severe sun damage or sagging skin. It provides support and helps to regenerate collagen and elastin which are lost over time due to ageing. It works well in conjunction with Sunekos Performa which increases the proteins required to boost the skin’s vitality and overall appearance. 

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What to Expect

Both Sunekos Performa and Sunekos 1200 are non-surgical treatments. They should be carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner.

Before the treatment: The areas to be treated will be agreed between you and your practitioner and marked. Topical anaesthesia will be applied before the treatment begins.

During the treatment: A very fine needle is used to inject into the areas agreed. You will experience little or no discomfort and the treatment takes up to an hour.

After the treatment: There is no recovery time. The first effects will become visible after 3 -4 days and the results normally last up to 6 months for Sunekos Performa and 3-4 months for Sunekos 1200.


Sunekos Performa

Prices start from £210 for one session, course discounts available.

Sunekos 1200 Prices start from £250 for one session, course discounts available.
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