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The Summer Is Coming!

Summer Skin Care! Preparing for the summer and the sun involves a little more than picking out a new bikini and digging our shorts out the back of the wardrobe.

Here at Perfect Image we have a range of services and products that can get you ready for the summer.

Firstly, we offer SopranoâXL laser hair removal. Over a number of sessions it is the best way to reduce hair growth by up to 95%. Wouldn’t it be lovely to leave the razor behind the next time you go on holiday? No shaving over the sun burnt bits or worrying about a pre-holiday trip to the salon for an uncomfortable waxing session! We can treat the face, underarms, arms, abdomen, legs, back and bikini line or anywhere else you would like to see the hair disappear from.

If spider veins are your concern then we can treat those as well. Whilst you may be self conscious about spider veins on your face all year round, at this time of year you may be looking at your legs and wondering what to do about the veins there. For both areas, we can use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to treat the superficial veins and vascular lesions. Depending on the severity it usually takes 1 to 4 sessions, but it’s best to book up now, before you head to the sun, as the treatment is not suitable for dark or tanned skins.

If the veins are larger then they may require sclerotherapy. This involves injecting the veins with a liquid solution and more than one treatment may be required. To get rid of the stress and discomfort these veins cause does take commitment as the area needs to be tightly wrapped for at least a week and there is a high chance of bruising, but the results are worth it when the sun comes out and the swimsuit goes on!

For those suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) the summer can be a distressing time of year. However, the sweating can be significantly reduced by Botulinum Toxin A injections into the armpits, which we assure you, causes only mild discomfort. The toxin blocks impulses to the sweat glands and the effects become visible after 7 – 10 days and normally last from 6 – 8 months allowing you to wave hello and goodbye to the summer with confidence.

If your skin is your concern, we have a range of ways of improving your complexion that will make you feel confident in going make up free this summer. No one wants a face covered in make-up when they go out in the sun – and you only sweat it off anyway!

We offer the Obagiâ summer skin care range, which is a prescription only range which treats acne to  age spots, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, rough and dull skin, sun damage, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. It is a great skin care regime for any age. As well as the daily range there are skin peels that can be administered once your skin is fully prepared. Our skin care expert, Shannon, gets wonderful results with this treatment and most patients stay with Obagiâ long after they’ve achieved the desired effect in order to maintain the glow that comes with these products.

Many of the problems above can also be corrected with our Pixel laser treatment. This is often used on people who have already tried non-invasive therapies, like peels, and now want something a little more aggressive. You will need to stay out of the sun for two weeks prior to the treatment and your skin may peel for a couple of weeks after treatment, so hurry and book in now before the sun shines too much!

We hope that there is something here to interest you and we are always available to chat on the phone of you have any queries. That’s only if we are not getting Dr Silva to do our own summer preparations – all the staff here are enthusiastic users of his treatments!!!

For prices and more information about each treatment please refer to our website. Summer Skin Care.


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