Sebaceous Cyst removal treatment with laser

Sebaceous Cyst Removal in Ruislip London

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 Laser Cyst Removal

Cysts, especially the sebaceous cysts can be painful,- and develop in areas where they can cause a great deal of discomfort. At our clinic in Ruislip, London,- we offer cyst removal to help relieve the pain. Generally, this is a one-off treatment, but you may, need a check-up following cyst removal. Our sebaceous cyst removal treatment is carried out by a doctor with either a laser or surgically.

“Lumps & Bumps” Removal

Sebaceous cysts are closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus,- or other material. This creates a “lump or bump” that may feel like a small, smooth pea under the skin’s surface. At our clinic in Ruislip London our doctors are able to remove these lumps.

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Cyst Removal London Ruislip Dermatologist Clinic

What is a Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts can develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands,- or form around foreign bodies or ingrowing hairs. Cysts often occur on the face, scalp and body,-  The most common are sebaceous, epidermal or pilar cysts. You should see a doctor if you notice a lump or bump,- to confirm that it is a sebaceous cyst and that you  have the right treatment.

Dermatologist Clinic and Surgery

At our clinic, we use a laser to remove a Sebaceous cyst, cyst, lump or skin tag which is painless and gives an almost “Perfect” result. It is often best to get them removed and the scar from removal is far less noticeable. Occasionally the  Sebaceous cyst may be confused for a  lipoma which is fatty lump slightly deeper in the skin that is also removed with minimal scarring. Book a consultation with our doctors in Ruislip London.

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Skin care

It is important to know that after  the removal of a sebaceous cyst, you may need certain skin care products. These can help minimise any post-treatment marks or scarring and aid the recovery process. Book a consultation with our doctors in Ruislip Hillingdon London.

what to expect

Your doctor will assess your areas of concern and advise whether further investigation (histology) is required. If so, the necessary arrangements will be made and occasionally patients are referred in order to confirm that there are no contraindications. However, with cyst removal, histology is not necessary. Please note that the cyst removal cost will be given to you at this appointment. The prices listed below are a guide.

Once you and the doctor have decided on the cyst removal treatment there will be an  opportunity to discuss your skin care after cyst removal. This is done to aid recovery and minimise scarring.

Your doctor will mark the lesion(s) to be removed and local anaesthesia will be given at each site. The laser will then be used to cauterise each lesion. The procedure will be quick and comfortable. With cyst removal stitches may be required. This will be assessed during your consultation.

After the cyst removal treatment, there is no recovery time and you may leave the clinic when you are ready. However, the treated areas will look ‘scabby’ and darker than the surrounding skin. Depending on the type of cyst removed you may have stitches or steri strips. This will be discussed with you once the doctor has seen you.

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Cyst Removal Consultation

Same day treatment

Once you have seen our doctor,- he/she will assess your cyst and determine a price, depending on the size and site of the cyst. It will also be determined whether your cyst will need further investigation to confirm it is a cyst or whether it requires histology.

If it is a sebaceous cyst, you can have the treatment on the same day as your consultation if both you and the doctor are happy to proceed.

Please note when booking your consultation that,- there will be a £20 booking fee .  This is payable at the time of booking and later deducted from the price of any treatment you may have.

Cyst Removal Prices

Please note an accurate cost on the removal of your cyst can only be confirmed once you’ve have attended a consultation and your cyst has been assessed.  However, below there is a guideline to the price you can expect to pay based on the size of the cyst.

Size in mm Cost
2mm £250
5mm £310
10mm £410
15mm £510
20mm £610
25mm £710
30mm £810

*Cyst, Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal Testimonials

I went to Perfect Image after reading the impressive reviews. I was delighted by the friendly atmosphere and the lack of “sales pitch”. Dr Silva was extremely patient and re-assured me greatly. Mr/DrApul was also outstanding and explained the procedure again…and again, until I was 100% satisfied. He performed the surgery and constantly reassured me that all was well. I had 3 cysts removed from my eyelids and couldn’t believe how well I healed. Minimal bruising and maximal satisfaction! What a friendly, professional team (and were half the price I was quoted by BUPA and Harley Street Clinics!)”
Mrs J.S. / Ruislip
*”This is my third visit to Perfect Image Consultants and from the moment I first walked in Dr Silva made me feel very comfortable and confident that he had listened to what I wanted. I was extremely pleased with the results and have returned twice more to have further treatment. Cannot recommend Dr Silva and his practice enough.”
Wenni / Facebook
Excellent service! from the initial inquiry and consultation to treatment and aftercare. Dr Silva was fantastic and very reassuring from my first call to the clinic to inquire about mole removal I spoke with the doctor himself! which really added a personal touch. The treatment was exceptional and the team were very supportive. I was surprised to have found a local clinic offering the latest technologies in lasering and at affordable prices.
Julie / Greenford

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£20 booking fee applies to all first time appointments and is redeemable against any treatment