Sclerotherapy is used to treat small isolated veins, which are not caused by valve problems in the major veins in the legs. These can cause a lot of stress, discomfort and can be unsightly.

Sclerotherapy can be used to treat varicose veins and the smaller veins that branch out into the larger varicose veins. These veins may appear as blue veins or look like spider veins. 

To achieve the desired result more than one session may be required.

We recommended our patient to see their GP and request an ultrasound, to exclude valve dysfunction.

frequently asked questions

What is Sclerotherapy and how does it work?

Sclerotherapy involves a sclerosant, such as glucose into the veins. This causes the veins to collapse thus, blocking the flow of blood further into the vessel. 

Does Sclerotherapy Hurt?

Sclerotherapy involves injections, therefore while some may not find it painful, many find it a little uncomfortable and you may experience a stinging or cold sensation during the treatment. 

Is sclerotherapy effective?

Sclerotherapy does work to collapse unwanted veins, so as to reduces the appearance of blue or spider veins on the skin. However, it is important to note that you may require more than one session. There are alternative treatments for larger more stubborn veins such as laser or surgery. 

what to expect

Before treatment

You will have a consultation with our doctor to ensure all your concerns have been taken into consideration. It is advised, that you consult your GP before undertaking any treatment. 

During treatment

A fine needle is used to inject a liquid solution into the veins that require treatment. The treatment can be a bit uncomfortable.

After treatment

You may leave the clinic straight after your sclerotherapy treatment. The treated area should be wrapped tightly for at least a week. There is a high chance of bruising after this treatment.



£20 booking fee applies to all first time appointments and is redeemable against any treatment.