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Perfect Care From Perfect Image

At Perfect Image Consultants what we want do do more than anything is make our patients happy; happy with our products, happy with our staff, happy with our service and happy with their aesthetic improvements, whether it be the removal of a small mole or the surgical removal of their eye bags. We really do appreciate how our patients’ physical appearance can affect their confidence, happiness or the way they view themselves. We understand when some of them say “Oh it’s a silly thing really, it shouldn’t bother me” or “I know I am being vain but I really don’t like ……..” It is not silly or vain, we know they simply want to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Perfect Care From Perfect Image

So when you come to see and us and have a consultation with Dr Silva, Shannon Lister (our skin expert) or one of our surgeons, we promise that you will never feel rushed and that these medical professionals will really listen to what it is that you want to achieve. We will also be very honest about whether what you want is actually achievable. Sometimes a patient will come and ask for a specific treatment and we know that they will not get the result they want. We would never carry on regardless and very often there is a different solution to their problem. One lady came to us recently for a blepharoplasty (surgical removal of her eye bags) but it was clear that this would not make the difference she wanted. We didn’t just send her away though and she has now embarked on a course of Pixel laser skin resurfacing treatments. This will help the skin around her eyes as well as the rest of her face. The results may not be as dramatic as they would have been if the surgery had been done but we know that we have done the right thing for the patient. We are confident that she will be much happier with her appearance by the time she goes to her son’s wedding this summer.

To ensure high standards we regularly ask our patients for feed back on their experience with us. Plus we are delighted by the reviews that have been amassed over the years as well as our two What Clinic Customer Service Awards “in recognition of excellence in the field of customer communication.” If you look on their website, or ours, you will be able to read about the positive experiences our patients have had with us and how happy this has made them.

So if there is anything that you would like to discuss with us we hope that you will make that call and come to see us.

We really hope to see you soon!

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