Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal

Laser Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal

Whether your looking to have some moles, warts or skin tags removed, we have a suitable treatment plan for you. A quick and painless treatment that will give you great results.

wart, skin tag mole removal in London, Wembley, Harrow and Uxbridge
wart, skin tag mole removal in London, Wembley, Harrow and Uxbridge

At Perfect Image Consultants we use a laser to remove moles, warts and skin tags which is a painless treatment and gives an almost perfect result. It is an alternative, more effective treatment to surgical removal, cryotherapy, radiofrequency or chemical methods.

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Laser mole removal has shown us exceptional results, our patient satisfaction is extremely high, with all our patients having their moles and skin tags removed in one treatment. Our wart removal treatment has also been very successful and we have managed to remove warts and verrucas without them returning- leaving our patients very happy.

Mole Removal - Before After

What to Expect

Before the treatment

Your doctor will assess your areas of concern and advise whether further investigation (histology) is required. If so, the necessary arrangements will be made and occasionally patients are referred in order to confirm that there are no contraindications. We would also advise patients to consult their GPs for advice prior to booking a consultation.

During the treatment

Your doctor will mark the lesion(s) to be removed and local anaesthesia will be given at each site. The laser will then be used to cauterise each lesion. The procedure will be quick and comfortable.

After the treatment

There is no recovery time and you may leave the clinic when you are ready. However, the treated areas will look ‘scabby’ and darker than the surrounding skin. This initial scab will fall off in 5-7 days, after which a second scab will form and fall off in the next 14 days. After initial healing, the appearance of the treated area will improve and a very light mark, if any, may be left behind.

There are no stitches involved and chances of any scarring are negligible.


Please note that prices are based on 2mm lesions.

Mole & Warts RemovalOn the BodyOn the Face & Neck
Price starting from£80£120
Skin Tag RemovalOn the BodyOn the Face & Neck
Additional skin tags:
2-5£40 each£50 each
6-10£25 each£30 each
11-15£22 each£25 each
16-20£20 each£22 each
21 -25£18 each£20 each

Before- and After Mole Removal Pictures:
*please note that results may vary from person to person.

mole removal before and after
Mole removal Before and after

*Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal Testimonials

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the mole grow back after laser mole removal?

It is very rare for a mole to grow back after laser mole removal.

Can anyone have laser mole removal done?

Anyone can have a mole removed, however, is it advised to have the mole checked by your GP before having it removed. The NHS can only remove moles if they are potentially dangerous.

How long does the laser mole removal procedure take?

The laser mole removal procedure itself does not take very long. To have a single mole removed takes about 5 minutes. The initial consultation will take a bit longer, probably about 30 minutes, as all alternative treatments will be discussed and a history of the mole will be taken. It is advised to have the mole checked by your GP before having laser mole removal.

What is a mole look like?

A mole should be:

  • 1 colour – most often brown, but can also be tan, black, red, pink, blue, skin-toned or colourless.
  • Round in shape.
  • Flat or slightly raised.
  • The same in appearance from month to month.

A person’s moles may not all look alike and even in the same person moles can vary in size, shape and colour. Some have hair and some will change slowly over time, possibly even disappearing.

Moles can appear anywhere on the body including the scalp, between the fingers and toes, on the soles and palms and even under the nails.

How long is the recovery after laser mole removal?

Once the mole has been removed you will be able to carry on with your normal daily activities straight away. We advise you not to touch the area the mole was removed from until it has healed completely. The healing will take 3- 6 weeks but it may take longer for the skin at the site of the removed mole to return the colour of surrounding skin.

Is it possible to send a mole for histology after laser mole removal?

No, if you are having laser mole removal, it is not possible to send your mole for histology. We advise you to have your mole examined by your GP and, if necessary, have a sample of the mole sent for histology prior to the laser mole removal treatment.

Does laser mole removal hurt?

Before the laser mole removal procedure is done local anaesthetic will be injected into each mole, after this, you will feel no pain.

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