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Laser Cyst Removal from skin

Cysts are closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material, creating a “lump or bump” that may feel like a small, smooth pea under the skin’s surface.

Cysts can develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands, or around foreign bodies or ingrowing hairs. Cysts often occur on the face, scalp and body with the commonest types being a sebaceous cyst, epidermal or pilar cysts.


At Perfect Image Consultants, we use a laser to remove cyst, lump and skin tags which is a painless treatment and gives an almost “Perfect” result. It is often best to get them removed and the scar from removal is far less noticeable. Occasionally the lump or bump may be a lipoma which is fatty lump slightly deeper in the skin that is also easily removed with minimal scarring.

Acne Treating in Clinic


We charge £20 for the consultation with one of our experienced doctors.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £20 consultation fee (note*: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

What to Expect

Before the cyst removal treatment

Your doctor will assess your areas of concern and advise whether further investigation (histology) is required. If so, the necessary arrangements will be made and occasionally patients are referred in order to confirm that there are no contraindications.

During the treatment

Your doctor will mark the lesion(s) to be removed and local anaesthesia will be given at each site. The laser will then be used to cauterise each lesion. The procedure will be quick and comfortable.

After the treatment

There is no recovery time and you may leave the clinic when you are ready. However, the treated areas will look ‘scabby’ and darker than the surrounding skin. This initial scab will fall off in 5-7 days, after which a second scab will form and fall off in the next 14 days. After initial healing, the appearance of the treated area will improve and a very light mark, if any, may be left behind.

There are no stitches involved and chances of any scarring are negligible.

Cyst Removal Price

DescriptionSurgery CostHistology* CostTotal Cost
1 cyst / lipomafrom £190£85£275
Larger/complex cysts or lipomasfrom £290£85£375

* Cyst, Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal Testimonials

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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£20 booking fee applies to all first time appointments and is redeemable against any treatment