Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peels

At Perfect Image Consultants we offer the Obagi® skin peels which are carried out by a qualified doctor or nurse. These medium depth peels can quickly and easily remove some of the dead outer layer of the skin, improving skin tone and reducing the appearance of age spots and very fine lines.

Obagi skin peels provide excellent results for:

  • sun damaged skin
  • mild scarring (including acne scarring)
  • uneven skin tone (hyper and hypo skin pigmentation)
  • excessive or stubborn blackheads
  • excessive skin oils (temporarily)
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Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance:

This is a superficial, exfoliating peel to help correct mild skin concerns including sun damage.

Before the treatment your skin will be cleansed and prepared and the process will take approximately 30 minutes.

After the treatment there is little or no down time and no pain relief is required.

Obagi® Blue Peel:

This is a deeper skin peel that addresses sun damage, acne scars, blemishes and wrinkles. Called Blue Peel.

Before the Blue Peel treatment you are required to have used the Obagi®Nu Derm Skin Care System to prepare the skin and ensure the best results. On the treatment day the practitioner will cleanse the skin prior to applying the peel, oral or topical pain relief may also be given beforehand if neccessary.

During the treatment the practitioner will apply the peel layer by layer, you may experience slight discomfort at this point. The process will take 45 – 60 minutes.

After the treatment your skin will retain the blue colouring of the peel for approximately 3 days and it is normal to experience a mild burning sensation. You can expect a minimum 3 days peeling and 10 days recovery, during this time you may require oral pain relief.

Blue Peel Pricing

AreaCost per session
Radiance Peel£ 100
Blue Peel£ 550

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£20 booking fee applies to all first time appointments and is redeemable against any treatment.