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Laser hair removal

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At Perfect Image,- We recognise the distress and embarrassment excessive hair can cause for both men and women and the impact on confidence and self-esteem. We also understand the inconvenience such problems bring.

Treatment is medically proven as a safe and effective way of reducing hair growth by up to 95%.

We use the Soprano®XL, which is an effective, painless removal system and approved by the FDA. Compared to other laser hair removal systems there is less worry of discomfort during treatment on any part of the body or face and no unwanted side-effects.

Most clients are suitable for laser hair removal treatment, however, there are certain circumstances where treatment may be refused, including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Specific medication (including photosensitivity or anticoagulant)
  • History of keloid scarring
  • Active Herpes Simplex (cold sores)
  • Previous history of skin cancer
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what to expect?

Laser hair removal is carried out by fully qualified practitioners, who are specially trained and highly experienced.

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Before the Treatment

Two weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment you should avoid any form of bleaching or epilation, including waxing, plucking and threading. Shaving the areas you wish to treat is fine.

It is vital that you avoid tanning for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment, minimising any possible complications of pigmentation from excessive light absorption by the melanocytes in the epidermis.

On the treatment day, you should not apply deodorant or perfumed products to the areas being treated.

During the treatment

A cool gel will be applied to the treatment areas and your eyes will be covered. The practitioner will pre-set the parameters for the session specific to your requirements and begin. The treatment will be almost pain-free and comfortable.

After the treatment

The skin may become red immediately after laser hair removal treatment and, very rarely, small blisters can occur. However, most people experience no side effects at all and the described skin reactions usually disappear within hours.

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frequently asked questions

In the majority of cases, for laser hair removal, we recommended between 6-8 treatments.

Only hair in the growth phase can be treated and the number of hairs in this phase varies from 10%-70% of all hair growth, depending on the area of the body. The length of the growth cycles also varies between people. The first treatment is thought to activate the growth of non-growth phase hairs. This is not to be confused with regrowth and, consequently, makes further sessions more effective.

At our clinic, we formulate a laser hair removal treatment plan for you so that you are consistent with your treatments-,

  • This painless laser hair removal treatment system works with the combination of low fluence, rapid-pulsing GOLD STANDARD 810 DIODE technology and the unique patented IN-Motion™ technique. The delivery of treatment is in the form of a sweeping massage, unlike other lasers. It is often compared to the sensation of having a hot stone massage.
  • The diode laser emits a laser beam which is absorbed by the hair follicle base. The temperature gradually increases to 45°C at the hair follicle base and surrounding tissue. This destroys the root so that the number of hairs decreases. As hair grows in cycles and only the hairs that are growing or active are destroyed by the laser energy, a minimum of 4 treatments is recommended to get a good result.


     Cost Per Session
Full face      £100
Upper lip & chin      £85
Side burns      £70
Neck      £50
Full face & neck      £125
Full arms      £150
Half arms      £90
Under arms      £85
Full arms & under arms      £200
Full legs      £230
Half legs      £125
Full back      £250
Half back      £150
Abdomen      £125

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£20 booking fee applies to all first-time appointments and is redeemable against any treatment.