Complaints Procedure

It is a matter of courtesy for all staff within Perfect Image Consultants Limited to ensure they respect all Patients, regardless of their origin and background. This equally applies as to how they are addressed.


Perfect Image Consultants Limited ensures that all staff act in a safe manner and that Patients are safe in their presence. Any reporting of abuse will result in disciplinary action being taken. The same applies to the Patients. Abusive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated by the clinic staff.

In the event a Patient is abusive and the situation cannot be controlled, then the clinic will contact the Police on 999 and report the incident. An incident form will be completed and presented to the registered manager.

This clinic operates a complaints procedure in compliance with the National Minimum Standards under the Care Standards Act. 

Patients/clients are asked that, in the event of any complaint, they speak or write to the Registered Manager. Patients/clients who require further advice regarding the complaints process should direct their enquiry to the Registered Manager who, wherever applicable, will recommend the services of an independent advocate.